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“For The Longest Time, I Deluded Myself that Arts were Mere Abstractions, a World Created by those Who Feared to Face their Reality… Only to realize I Lived in a World Created by the Dreamers…”

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Ipo Siku

His eyes feel grainy, as if they had fallen out into a bucket of sand and he hadn’t gotten all the particles out. He knows that he shouldn’t have stayed up for that long but you know, shit happens. It’s colder than he thought it’d be, and the chilling breeze hitting him from the open […]

When the Mirror Lies

Part of the human condition is failing to live up to the beliefs and standards we hold close to our hearts. We spend years building avatars and castles of what we should be like, or what our lives should be like such that our failure to embody a certain mode of being or lifestyle causes […]

Stories From the Internet- Vol 1

I still see her contorted face sometimes. I don’t even have to actively think about her or the incident, it just happens, and the disturbing images bombard my head out of nowhere. It was nothing anyone could have seen coming, and I bet anyone that was present that day still has occasional nightmares about her […]

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  1. Your reads are worth it.

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