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“For The Longest Time, I Deluded Myself that Arts were Mere Abstractions, a World Created by those Who Feared to Face their Reality… Only to realize I Lived in a World Created by the Dreamers…”

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Kwani Hunitrust- II

It was a beautiful morning, so beautiful she had to call in sick. Her boss already knew of her migraine problem, so getting away with this little white lie wasn’t the hardest of tasks. From where she lay, with Kinuthia’s sheets sparsely covering her body, she could tell she had slept well into the morning…

Kwani Hunitrust?

He glances at his phone again. 20:27 hrs. He could feel his impatience getting the better of him the more he waited. He knew seeing her again was the biggest mistake of the year so far, but she wanted closure and he wanted her out of his life, so maybe doing as she wanted one last time…

Here We Go Again…

The more ‘new years’ I experience, the more familiar they all feel. Of course every year brings its own share of novelty and new experiences, but as the years pile up, I can’t help but feel as if I’ve been here before, presented with the same opportunities of chasing new versions of myself. And to…

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  1. Your reads are worth it.

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