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Take Me with You

I find it hard to accept that watching you sing is the only reason I go to that bar. Their fried wings are to die for, that I agree. But I try not to order them the nights you’re on stage. I’m one of those that can’t climb stairs while chewing; multi-tasking is a bitch. […]

A Game of Hearts

The hardest conversations are mostly had behind walls, in the dark sometimes, and so, my curiosity as a writer had me thinking… What if you were a fly perched on one of those walls, eavesdropping, listening to every word they said, what would your reaction be? Would you empathize or point fingers? Would you think […]

Born to Tell

I’ve always thought I know who I am, and I do to some extent. But I’ve also put myself in situations I’d rather not be in, and in such moments, doubt sips in and I almost cannot recognize my reflection in the mirror. My mum says she named me after a Pastor she used to […]

Where Do You Stand?

Politicians are being friendly again. They are as we are; walking amongst us, eating at local vibandas and high fiving every mama mboga they can lay their hands on. It’s like we’re at the club and we, the voters, are the girl every man at the club wants. Only that we tend to make the […]

Go On…

I saw your photo the other day, you still can turn heads alright. It felt like I was staring at a beautiful, familiar stranger. Like I had known you from a past life but never met you in the current. But we both know where we’ve been, how our excitement for each other drew the […]

It’s a ‘You’ Affair

Do you ever set your alarm, vow to wake up early and start that project you’ve been stalling for 6 months just to snooze it for the millionth time in a row? And for the millionth time, you almost convince yourself that you’re not really cut for this, that you were not meant to pursue […]

The Sins of our Fathers

Her handkerchief was so wet from all the weeping she had been doing I felt guilty that I didn’t have an extra one. “My brother didn’t deserve kuuliwa, ata kama alikuwa amefanya nini…” she continued, rubbing her nose again. I knew our conversation would be a hard one to have but even then, I couldn’t […]

The Doves of Nairobi

The kiosk she sat in was a few yards from the school’s gate. She hoped this was a safe distance to watch him from and not raise any alarm. Although she had a cap on, the makeshift umbrella she sat under also served as the perfect camouflage, allowing her to intently survey who came for […]

Sons of the Savannah

I feel cheated sometimes. Cheated into growing up and being responsible for myself and everything around. It hit me hard when I woke up sick one day and I had to confirm if my NHIF card is active in case I needed to take myself to the hospital. Thank God for that ginger and garlic […]

The Pipes Talk to Me

And when you’re alone my child, fear not the beast that lurks in the shadows, for it is toothless despite its howls and growls Hold your head high and your spear higher, brace for the worst but also hold kindness close to your heart, for a kind Warrior is better than a spiteful Gardener Find […]


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