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Till Debts Do Us Part…

I’m at the age where any conversation I have with my older relatives has to somehow find its way to my marital status. They don’t like the fact that according to the Kenyan Government, I’m single. My grandmother one day took me by my hand to her chicken coop, pointed at one of the voluptuous […]

To More Stories!

It’s a little absurd for me, even to this day, that when someone asks me what I do for a living, my answer isn’t that I’m an Economist. Seems it doesn’t really matter that I spent 5 years drawing graphs and studying why Ksh.1000 could pay your rent and dowry 30 years ago but it […]


Long ago, in a valley amongst the hills, a lamb was born. His mother, a young ewe, was one of the few animals that brought forth life on that fateful day. The shepherds broke into a dance that night and took beer in celebration of their growing flock. But this one lamb wasn’t like the […]

Who Do They Say you Are?

One of the most regurgitated pieces of advice is,’ it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.’ This statement alone has sold out books and arenas as people seek out deeper truths beyond what they already know. Many yearn for the day they’ll […]

Lala, Toto Lala…

I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was younger. I gradually got better with age, and now it’s more of speaking in my sleep than anything else. I’ve never seen a doctor about it. The closest thing I got to treatment was my mother tying me down to my bed. It’s probably why I’m […]

Nakujia Wig

“Hii ndio the weirdest request nishaipata from anyone…” “I’m so sorry I asked, tunaeza assume I never asked urudi kwako tu kabla afike…” “Naah,nishacome… either way my life needs some drama,nimeboeka sana…” “Haha, I hope me asking for such a weird favour won’t make it awkward later tukipitana kwa stairs…” “Acha kwanza huyu dame yako […]

Paradise Lost

A good life is the goal, ultimately. That you’ll get to a certain point in your life, a checkpoint of some sort, look back and hopefully be proud of how everything turned out. But what kind of life would we consider as good? What parameters do we use to measure this elusive sense of pride […]

Mawili Matatu…

We all have things, or people, that we’d rather remain in our past than have them sprout in the future and blindside us. You know, it sometimes feels like we are still the same people we were years ago but, are we really? Well, probably your favourite dessert hasn’t changed in the last decade, but […]

Take Me with You

I find it hard to accept that watching you sing is the only reason I go to that bar. Their fried wings are to die for, that I agree. But I try not to order them the nights you’re on stage. I’m one of those that can’t climb stairs while chewing; multi-tasking is a bitch. […]

A Game of Hearts

The hardest conversations are mostly had behind walls, in the dark sometimes, and so, my curiosity as a writer had me thinking… What if you were a fly perched on one of those walls, eavesdropping, listening to every word they said, what would your reaction be? Would you empathize or point fingers? Would you think […]


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