The Pipes Talk to Me

And when you’re alone my child, fear not the beast that lurks in the shadows, for it is toothless despite its howls and growls

Hold your head high and your spear higher, brace for the worst but also hold kindness close to your heart, for a kind Warrior is better than a spiteful Gardener

Find comfort in pain, sit in the sea of hurt with a smile on your face,for through pain life is brought to earth, and through pain, life leaves…

How easy is it? To day dream of sandy beaches and sweet wine during the calm before a storm, oblivious of its nature to strike when least expected! So be cautious, my child, that you may not fall in the abyss chasing the illusion of salvation whilst blind to the realities of the very ground you walk on

There was a time I sat alone. I sat alone for so long that I made my shadow an ally… I sat alone for so long an angel spoke to me through the gutter pipes… She said there’s a whole world out there waiting for me… She said I carry the answers to questions that only existed beyond my closed doors. But the fear of the unknown had crippled my spirit, and I hid behind walls like a rabitt hides from the eagle’s eye, unaware that that which I feared, was more afraid of me, than I was of it

So I tell you today, go forth and fight your battles. Silence the doubt within; for it is the devil on your shoulder whispering weakness into you. Don’t fall prey to your own cunningness,for who else stands in your way but you? And if you meet pain in the battlefield, don’t hide. Remember to embrace him with open arms. Sit him down and wash his wounded feet with scented oils. Show him where you’re the weakest, and he’ll make you stronger than an ox. Let him know how misunderstood you know he is, that you’ve seen how the world has shunned his gifts and turned him into a foe. Make him your friend, and he’ll give you the world.

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