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“For The Longest Time, I Deluded Myself that Arts were Mere Abstractions, a World Created by those Who Feared to Face their Reality… Only to realize I Lived in a World Created by the Dreamers…”

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The Makings of a Man-Child

Assume you’re a man. A broke, hustling man. Hustling because you’re unemployed and your mother told you that you had to do something with your life, not just steal your father’s cigarettes and sit around. You’re a Jack of all Trades, but nothing ever seems to stick. You’ve been fired twice, once because of being…

Rafiki Pesa

I have been privileged for as long as I have been breathing. I have never known real scarcity, you know, real struggle. My parents had a taste of it though, before everything began working out for them. My dad is also a big believer in humble beginnings, so he made me go to the same…

Kwani Hunitrust- II

It was a beautiful morning, so beautiful she had to call in sick. Her boss already knew of her migraine problem, so getting away with this little white lie wasn’t the hardest of tasks. From where she lay, with Kinuthia’s sheets sparsely covering her body, she could tell she had slept well into the morning…

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