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“For The Longest Time, I Deluded Myself that Arts were Mere Abstractions, a World Created by those Who Feared to Face their Reality… Only to realize I Lived in a World Created by the Dreamers…”

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Nakujia Wig

“Hii ndio the weirdest request nishaipata from anyone…” “I’m so sorry I asked, tunaeza assume I never asked urudi kwako tu kabla afike…” “Naah,nishacome… either way my life needs some drama,nimeboeka sana…” “Haha, I hope me asking for such a weird favour won’t make it awkward later tukipitana kwa stairs…” “Acha kwanza huyu dame yako […]

Paradise Lost

A good life is the goal, ultimately. That you’ll get to a certain point in your life, a checkpoint of some sort, look back and hopefully be proud of how everything turned out. But what kind of life would we consider as good? What parameters do we use to measure this elusive sense of pride […]

Mawili Matatu…

We all have things, or people, that we’d rather remain in our past than have them sprout in the future and blindside us. You know, it sometimes feels like we are still the same people we were years ago but, are we really? Well, probably your favourite dessert hasn’t changed in the last decade, but […]

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  1. Your reads are worth it.

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